Party Food : Bruschetta

Hello party people! You probably all have various plans for the coming holidays, perhaps it is a large family dinner, small party with friends, or like me,  a night in with cheesy Christmas movies and good food . I believe this simple but fancy looking recipe can help spruce up your holiday plans.  I truly enjoyed…

Girls Night In: Pomegranate Coconut Drink!

Hello everyone! Christmas is around the corner, and I am super excited about it this year, because Sandra and I are planning a mini get-together/party ! AHH! I am always excited to throw a party,  but mainly because of the food part. Sandra doesn’t know this but I love when I plan with her because…

Chocolatefied Popcorn

Simple ole popcorn meets tempting chocolate…. Voila!! This recipe was born. We already have a Classic popcorn recipe on our Instagram and we have Healthy Homemade Chocolate  recipe on our website but we felt the need to step it up. This recipe is on the down low perfect for Choco-addicts like us.

Banana Oats Bread

This is the classic banana bread with a twist. I have been making banana bread for ages now but with regular flour and processed white sugar (Not really good for the health in the long run ). Now that I have been on this healthy journey for a while, I always tried to reinvent recipes…

Summer Corn fest| Summer food-Part 3

Hey guys, This week’s food is titled “Summer corn fest” for all the right reasons! This is the last of our three-part summer series, and we feel corn is the perfect way to end this.What is a summer fest without corn?

Bite Size Desserts | Summer food-Part 2

Bite size desserts: This is the second part to our three-part summer food series. Hello everyone, Finally, it is Saturday and that means rest time, at least for some people. The base of this recipe (the waffles) has been posted previously on our Instagram under the title “waffle delight”, but hey, what is a recipe…

Cauliflower Pizza

Hello guys!! I am especially excited about this recipe because of how good it was , hands down the best pizza I ever had. I actually made it twice and the second time was for my birthday and it was a hit, everyone loved it including the picky eaters and veggie haters.