Girls Night In: Pomegranate Coconut Drink!

Hello everyone!

Christmas is around the corner, and I am super excited about it this year, because Sandra and I are planning a mini get-together/party ! AHH! I am always excited to throw a party,  but mainly because of the food part. Sandra doesn’t know this but I love when I plan with her because she loves to cook different types of dishes, which always makes my taste buds happy on that day! You are probably wondering right about now, “What do you do Betty”?  Well, ask no further because I also work hard on Christmas parties, making sure my belly is filled with delicious food- Just joking! 

I normally focus on the decorations, activities, snacks making, and DRINKS! What is a party without drinks? right? This drink recipe I am about to share with you is a simple recipe that I hope you will implement in your parties, and I am sure everyone will love that fun you bring! In addition, I would like to add this is an alcohol free drink, and healthy all together (WOW!). 

Let’s get started:

  • Sparking water
  • Coconut Water (Store bought-canned)
  • Pomegranate
  • Black berries (Optional
PROCESS: For One serving
  • Grab a wine glass of choice (mine was rather on the larger size of glasses)
  • pour 1/4 cup of sparking water into wine glass
  • pour 1/3 cup of coconut water into the wine glass 
  • Mix by swirling the glass in a circular motion
  • Add 1/4 cup of pomegranate 
  • Add 2 black berries, or other berries of choice

Then, make another if you have company, or 6 more if more people happens to show up. My point is, I hope you have so much fun making this as well as drinking it! It is so simple to make and also very delicious!

Well that’s it from me, let me know if you try this drink !

Important member of party planning,


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