A Winter Adventure: 7 Baker

Hello Torontonians!

Also a special hello to non-Torontonians and hope this post can give a little insight on the food scene we have here  in Toronto. I think you can get whatever food you are crazing, from Ethiopian to Indian, Toronto is not lacking in that sense. This review is a little late so bare with me.

Last week Saturday, we attended the special opening of the Euro-Asian bakery, 7 Baker and I must say, the bakery was really pleasing and the pastry were extremely tasty as well as,  balanced.

For the opening they were offering any two items from the store for $1 per customer, though the original advert stated, 1 baked item and 1  drink. How did I find out about this amazing offer? Through Instagram of course, as we all know, Instagram is programmed to read your mind, hence they sent this amazing deal my way. On a serious note, I am glad this popped up on my Instagram because it gave us the opportunity to just go out and have fun, most importantly – cheap fun.

We arrived well before the schedule time but, against our better judgment went to do a little exploring to kill time. However,  by the time we returned back , the line had stretched down the street. For context purposes you most know that, that Saturday was freezing cold, so we had ample amount of time for self blame. The line was moving extremely slowly because (as we found out later), the drinks took a little bit more time to make. This also prompted them to change their offer, as they now allowed customers, who didn’t want to wait, to take 2 baked items for $1.

After we escaped the freezing cold, we were able to fully appreciate the bakery. It had a warm atmosphere and very welcoming staff members. The interior designer was nice and clever, especially for the bread display case. The food were displayed in two locations the bread and bread like pastry was displayed by the window facing the street.  From the outside you can clearly see the goods displayed, plus a little bit of inside. I guess this is to tantalize you to enter the store and explore more. This display was  freely opened to costumers. When you enter, you can grab a medium size tray covered with parchment paper and tongs, then personally collect the bread, place them on the tray, proceed to the counter for the cashier to package it up for you, plus pay.  

The second display, is not freely accessible to customers, like most cake display case – you can see but you can’t touch-. Once you have decided, you can let the cashier know the cake of choice, which too would be nicely packaged. One reason being, the cakes are so pretty and delicate, and cannot be picked up by the tongs. 

Now on to the good stuff – the food!  Everything was so pretty  and appetizing, I wanted to try everything but we got 2 each, hence 4 items in total. 

  • Egg yolk bread
  • Matcha red bean mochi bread 
  • Costa Rica
  • Fes

I will start with one of our favorite one: 

Matcha red bean mochi bread

As I mentioned already, that Saturday was bone chilling cold, so when we got home I had wondered how the bread stayed so perfectly moist. The outside of the 
matcha bread was a little flaky and It was a combo of what I liked about croissants as well as real doughy breads, all combined with matcha. Now that was just the outside, there was a hidden surprised for this one. Inside was filled with red bean and mochi, now unlike other read bean dessert, it was not too sweet or over powering but, just right. And the mochi added to the chewiness. I think every aspect of the ingredients was in perfect balance, nothing too overpowering. Yes, it was good, just in case I wasn’t clear enough.

Egg yolk meat bread

The dough was great like the other one, it did not have any other flavour but the colour was interesting enough. The filling, I was not too impressed with.  This one also had two filling layered inside. When I first bit into it, I got a mouth full of both flavours and it was too salty. Even when combined with the bread, the salt was overpowering. I am not sure if this is just an off batch but, the taste was too much. I tasted the egg yolk alone without the meat and it tasted great. If only the meat wasn’t so salty, this could have easily been another amazing recipe. 

On to the cake!

First of all these cakes were made to entice people into the store, I mean have you have seen how cute and Instagram-able they are. But I must say the taste was also worthy! It was not simple at all, it was was like little component coming together to make something unique, like Lego.

Costa Rica

This was my favorite of the two, as the name hints, its flavors are of  tropical roots, all of which i like. The base or body of the cake was not regular batter, but like a gelatin like substance, hard to describe since I have little experience with that taste. But in the middle of the cake, you can find like pieces of pineapple and cream. Just  thinking about it makes me hungry. Hopefully the pictures can explain it better than I could. All I can truly say is: NICE!


This cake is very beautiful, with the perfect shade of pink. At first I thought this cake would be just a sponge cake but, I was surprised with the various dynamics of the insides. It had various flavors and even had a matcha taste to it. I was immensely impressed  by the time and dedication used in making this cake as it is very visible in its details. Words cannot describe its taste, but yet I urge you to go try it, if you live close by.

I am by no means an acclaimed taster or critic but as you know, this is eat and tell. And  tell I must do. Hope you can also try to hunt for deals and fun event in you neighborhood, and share your opinion on them. Happy deal hunting !

Active taste bud owner,


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