Chocolatefied Popcorn

Simple ole popcorn meets tempting chocolate…. Voila!! This recipe was born. We already have a Classic popcorn recipe on our Instagram and we have Healthy Homemade Chocolate  recipe on our website but we felt the need to step it up. This recipe is on the down low perfect for Choco-addicts like us.

Just like most of our recipe, this one is very simple as well.


  • Popcorn (you can pop it in a pot or whatever method you like. Or follow the instruction on the label)
  • ½ Coconut oil
  • ½ Coco powder
  • ¼ Honey

Yep, the ingredient to this addicting popcorn is really simple.  You can also follow the direction to making the chocolate here.

Direction for chocolate (just in case)

  • Pour all ingredient into a little pot and stir them.
  • Then transfer this pot to the stove; set on medium high. Stir for 6-8 minutes. That’s it, the chocolate is done

After making the chocolate, drizzle it all over the popped popcorn. Some people like a little light drizzle here and there, while others prefer dunking the popcorn inside the chocolate.  The choice is up to your level of chocolate craze.

At this point I am thinking of making a chocolate lover section on our blog.  Together we can find healing or more delicious recipes.

see it up close and personal !popcorn with choco




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