Summer Corn fest| Summer food-Part 3

Hey guys,

This week’s food is titled “Summer corn fest” for all the right reasons! This is the last of our three-part summer series, and we feel corn is the perfect way to end this.What is a summer fest without corn? Corn is definitely the perfect go to summer food. I can remember all the activities I went to, such as camping, bbq, park picnics, I’m telling you corn was present at all these events.

Today we decided to have roasted corn. It is so easy to make. Just put your corn into the grill and wait approximately 15 minutes.

The sauce that we did make to personalize our food is our hot chilli garlic sauce mixed with soy sauce. The amount of the sauce varies with the amount of corn you have but, the ratio of the hot chilli garlic sauce to the soy sauce is 3 to 1. This sauce goes perfectly with the corn, because the corn is sweet and the sauce is salty to taste, making it the perfect combination.

I hope you guys try this super easy recipe and tell us what you think.

Until next time,

Betty  🙂


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