Bite Size Desserts | Summer food-Part 2

Bite size desserts: This is the second part to our three-part summer food series. Hello everyone, Finally, it is Saturday and that means rest time, at least for some people. The base of this recipe (the waffles) has been posted previously on our Instagram under the title “waffle delight”, but hey, what is a recipe…

Marinated Tofu| Summer food-Part 1

Marinated Tofu, this will be one of the three summer foods we will be releasing. There will be three in total,so stay tuned for that. This is another Korean recipe inspired by Maangchi: This summery recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy and it is perfect for a picnic outing, potluck (tested) and…

Kimchi Fried Quinoa| Healthified

Hello Foodster I just wanted to say I am an avid fan of Korean food and I also love cooking, so I obviously tried cooking a few Korean recipes at home and I definitely had to add my twist to it.

Cauliflower Pizza

Hello guys!! I am especially excited about this recipe because of how good it was , hands down the best pizza I ever had. I actually made it twice and the second time was for my birthday and it was a hit, everyone loved it including the picky eaters and veggie haters.

Black Beans Brownies

Hello everyone, I remember a while ago when my little sister bought brownies and made it, I was jealous because we all know when brownies are being made, the smell fills up the whole house. I wanted to have brownies, and healthy ones, So I did my research and came upon this delicious brownie recipe.

Healthy Homemade Chocolate | Simplified

Hello everyone, Today’s recipe is so simple and easy and will definitely satisfy your chocolate cravings. Since I started this healthy journey, I have always been in a look out for healthy chocolates to eat, because I couldn’t stop thinking about chocolate. I started researching and found this very healthy and simple way to make…