Tea Time: Yi Fang Fruit tea

Hello lovely people!

It is getting colder in Toronto but, I couldn’t resist getting a chilled fruit tea from Yi Fang tea shop. Let me say this first, it was worth it. The whole experience from the customer service to the refreshing taste of the tea was lovely. I definitely want to visit again to try out more teas from their menu.

I first noticed this tea shop during their promotional week of opening a new store in china town, Toronto. They had this amazing promotional offer, selling fruit tea for only 2 dollars! I really wanted to attend the grand opening and get my hands on that great deal but sadly, work did not permit. Despite my first failed attempt, I knew I needed to try out their drinks, to see if their beautiful Instagram-able fruit tea had a matching taste.

Ambiance: 10/10

Mission accomplished because the overall ambiance and taste of their drink was worth my trek downtown. When you first walk into the store, you are pleasantly surprised.  It had a touch of both modern and olden style – the counter designed like an Izakaya (for lack of better vocabulary)only missing the bar stool-.  After looking over the menu (I forgot to take a picture), I wasn’t certain what should be my first ever fruit tea! Which can make or break my fruit tea experience, you know?!  Maybe I am exaggerating a bit but, at least you the get the gravity of the situation.yifang 3

yifang 4


I was not rushed by the Lady at the cashier, which is always important. She instead recommended I perhaps start with their signature fruit tea and also recommended the amount of sugar and ice that would be best for this tea.  I didn’t even consider all this before I approached the counter, hence her help was much appreciated. You might be wondering why I bother to mention all these minuscule detail, but to me the whole experience matter. Imagine trekking all the way to buy something and receive bad service, no matter how delicious the tea might be, it would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

yifang 2

Taste: 10/10

Now unto the taste!

Although I have tried my fair share of bubble tea, this is my first time trying fruit tea therefore, I don’t have anything to compare it with. However, for a first, it was awesome. It was neither too sweet nor too watered down. She recommended I use 50% sugar, 70% ice, and the combination panned out great.  I paired it with a Taiwanese bun got from a local bakery down the street. On its own, it is mildly sweet and refreshing, I couldn’t help thinking what it would be like to drink this on a hot summer day. The juice itself was a combination of familiar fruits I’ve tasted and other fruits that I was not so familiar with. The result was a sweet and tangy taste, the tangy taste was more prominent when I paired it with the sweet Taiwanese bun, but otherwise sweeter on its own.  The fruit juice was garnished with real fruits, such as orange and apple slices and the seeds of a passion fruit. While drinking the tea, I enjoyed crunch of the sweet seeds, which could be my fascination with passion fruit speaking but it made the tea, 10 times better.

You can obviously pick out the fruit slices after the tea is done and eat it, it was sweeter than average perhaps because it has been marinated for a while. 

I didn’t expect to write an essay about our experience at Yi fang Tea shop but, I guess I had a lot to say about it and all positives. I hope you check the store out and let us know what you think! 


I hope our next eat and tell will continuously stay positive

Until the next Adventure

Chatty Sandra


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