On the Daily: Oatmeal Breakfast

Hello beautiful people!

As we announced a while back, we are sharing some of our frequently made meals that we eat on a daily basis. The best meal of all time has to be breakfast for me. I look forward to waking up and eating breakfast (that’s how much I love it). My go to healthy breakfast has to be oatmeal! It is so quick and easy to make, and the best part is the toppings. That’s right, I try to make my oatmeal different every time I eat it and I do this by changing of what goes on top of it. Just as shown in the picture, I added black berries, strawberries, coconut flakes, and the contents from a trail mix : almonds, peanuts, chocolates and other types of nuts. 

The making process is also very easy as I make my oatmeal with microwave, which not only saves time but also reduces my almond milk consumption. I find that I use more milk to make my oatmeal when I cook the oatmeal over a pot than microwave. In order to make the oatmeal soft enough, I let it sit in the almond milk for about a minute or two before heating it up with the microwave.

Here are my simple ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup of oatmeal
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • Chopped up fruits – black berries, strawberries
  • Nuts: peanuts, almond, cashew
  • coconut flakes

These ingredients can been changed up depending on your preference. For example, if you prefer cow milk, you can use it instead of the almond milk. Also, the topping choice is up to you and your taste buds.


Let me know how you take your oatmeal, and also if you like breakfast just as much as me!

Until next time,

Food lover Betty







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