Herbal Rosemary Bread

Bread ! As much as we like to avoid it, Sandra and I believe it is a much needed food in our diet! We use bread for a lot of meals, like during breakfast when drinking tea, using it to make a sandwich  for lunch and many more.

Neither of us knew how to make bread but we did lots of research and found a lovely video by an awesome cook on Youtube:

Youtube video on the process of making bread 

(Click on the link to view the video on ways to make this bread. Ingredients and process is explained in this video)

She explains the way to make this bread, and we used every ingredients she mentioned to a T.  When making this bread, we used a hand mixer and sometimes, just used our stirring stick and had to knead the bread a lot to get the perfect results. We also wanted to personalize our bread, as we added rosemary. By adding such a simple ingredient to our bread, it brought a different flavor, which we recommend you all to try as well. IMG_6331 (3)

Try making your own bread once in a while, it would not only help you know exactly what is going inside your food, but also create a joy of saving money from making your own. I really hope you try this recipe one day.

Until then, stay inspired.



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